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Cloud Security Basics

We’ve all been told to save everything in the ‘cloud’ if we do not want to end up dealing with the messes of unrecoverable files. True enough, ever since the cloud technology was introduced, data storage and recovery became more seamless than ever. It specifically made gadget change and upgrade a lot easier for the tech savvy people, too.


cloud computing However, throughout the years and the many cloud security breaches that rocked the digital world, the conversation will easily turn to how ‘secured’ the cloud really is. It’s no surprise why some people still remain reluctant about completely relying on cloud technology, especially when it comes to data protection and privacy. Whether you are an individual or a company relying on cloud technology, here are the crucial and most recent information you need to know in order to ensure your privacy and security:


1) There is a different security level for every cloud application and data plan

This is the most basic, yet commonly overlooked aspect of cloud security, especially by the general users. An individual or company should therefore make sure that the cloud provider has the exact security features required for their data. For instance, cloud security for a financial firm will be totally different from that of a health provider.


2) Know that the app provider share the same cloud access as you

To ensure full privacy and protection, it is crucial to be clear with your app provider to always encrypt your data before it goes to the cloud, especially for those that are primary to the operations and reputation of the company. Check out the encryption policies of your cloud provider before going into any further commitments.


3) Consider the physical structure of the cloud provider

The physical state and structure of the app provider’s headquarters are often not included when we look at their security features. The entire protection of your data is also dependent on how resilient the physical location of your provider is, so make sure to include this in your search for the right cloud application.


4) Every cloud app provider have their recourse plan

More often than not, a cloud provider already have their guarantees and recourse in the event of a cloud security breach. With this, you are assured that as long as all the necessary protocols are followed, your data will remain intact in the cloud. Those controversial security breaches only happened due to the content but not on how severe the security damage was.

Cloud computing’s advantages will continue to offset the risks, as long as users are also vigilant enough in handling the technology.

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Benefits of Web Conference Software For Your Business

Web conferencing has become an important tool for many businesses and professionals. There are many different benefits of using web conferencing that can go a long way in making the running of the business a little bit easier. There are many web conferencing solutions created to suit your needs. This method of communication can be as effective as an actual in-person meeting if it is done correctly. The technology has improved over years and below are some of the benefits you can get from using web conferencing facilities.

Visual and Verbal Communication

Web conferencing has allowed many companies to effectively combine the advantages of a phone conversation and a live video feed. This is great especially if you are talking about an important thing since you will be observing the facial expression of the other person. Body language has been shown to communicate a lot to the other person. Chats can be conducted during the web conference. This means you can communicate verbally or text other attendees of the conference. If there are any files that need to be shared, then you can go to the desktop and drop it to share them in real time.

Reduced Travel

Man companies spend a lot of money on travelling. This means that the company will have to spend a lot of money any time they want to discuss something with the other party. The travel will cost your business a lot, whether it is domestic or international. Some of the things that cost a lot when travelling is air ticket, hotel accommodation, and parking tools. When a person travels, he/she would have wasted a lot of time on travelling, time that could have been used to complete other tasks for the business. Web conferencing will reduce the need to travel. The meetings are easily conducted through the web and there will be no reasons for missing out on conferences and meetings.

Web conferencing can also be helpful for people telecommuting; you can work from the comfort of your home and still meet with your boss, clients, or staff over the web. This reduces the commuting costs and office costs and increasing productivity. If something comes up, a staff member can easily work from where he/she is.

File Sharing

Web conferencing gives you the chance to share and manipulate any type of document or program. You can share a word processing document with your boss and or go through a spreadsheet with your accountant. An authorized person can make changes or revisions to these documents if need be. You have the option of selecting participants who can view or edit the documents you have shared. Using email can be tiresome because you will have to send it back and forth while making the phone calls at the same time. It can also be a challenge if it involves many people, unlike in a web conferencing environment where the changes and revisions made are in real time.

Unite distant officespost-web-conference

There are some cases where a business has more than one office and would love to communicate easily. It is easy communicating regardless of the location of the offices or branch. This will keep the offices on the same page and enable them to share easily. The offices can also share documents and programs in real time without having to wait for long periods of time.

Web conferencing software can do a lot for your business. The next time you need to meet someone who is far, you won’t have to worry about the costs of traveling and getting late for the meeting.